The Soul of New Brunswick

Finding the soul of New Brunswick wasn’t an easy task but I talked to three New Brunswick citizens who think the college students keep the town alive and running.  Enjoy here.


Economy’s impact on business at Rutgers

Business around Rutgers these days is hard with the economy that we live with. I interviewed an employee of Nuebies pizza along with a Rutgers student who also delivers for Domino’s. Listen to them discuss the hard times we live in and how it’s affecting business.



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Social Networking

Two Rutgers students discuss the advantages and negatives that come along with social networking in today’s world.

Enjoy my slideshow.


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Flightless Wings

This is an example of quality multimedia reporting done by the New York Times.  The story is about the Able Pilot program that is putting former military personnel paraplegics into the air with paragliders.  I really liked this video because I thought the story was very interesting.  It would have been good if it were just in print, however the video allows you to see exactly what these people are doing and shows a lot of beautiful footage of the Idaho mountains in which they fly over.  Enjoy.

Transportation frustration

Rutgers’ transportation is known to have had issues in the past involving the busing systems and other aspects around the city.  I interviewed a second-year student who lives in a house near College Ave. who experiences some of the everyday struggles that occur when transporting around the university.  Listen to my interview and comment with your opinions about Rutgers transportation.

Endless possibilities in Piscataway

This is my interview with a fellow Rutgers University student.  We discuss things like his family background, personal hobbies and life at Rutgers.  This interview gives you insight about some opportunities and opinions about student life at our school.  Enjoy by clicking the link below.

Taylor Swift: Admired Woman

Taylor Swift is one of the top growing female artists in the music industry today.

Learn more about Taylor and her music by checking out her website:

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